Best Love Quotes | Romantic quotes for her | deep love quotes

Best Love Quotes | Romantic quotes for her | deep love quotes

Romantic quotes

Some stranger is getting special…

…seems to be feeling love!!

If he sleeps even after fighting, then kiss his forehead,

 Fight with him on one side and love on one side!!

 Don't worry about me so much,

 Because of your concern, I will become a fakir.

 We have news, about you being oblivious

Still asking you the news.

I do not want life with you,

but as long as you are with me,

I want life.

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Romantic quotes for her 

So that you meet….

Hasrat ye for a lifetime!

the wish is just that
I am lucky to have something like this…
time is good or bad
Just you are close to me..

I have never come to write, I have just engraved you,

With the feelings of love, On the pages of love, With the pen of love...

The rose in the book of Lil was his,

He had a dream in his sleepless nights,

How much do you love when we asked,

Will die without you this answer was theirs.

hayat and murat love quotes in english

Those who die on you other than me,

  Why don't they die!😒

It is not known whether it is love or something,

but what is from you is not from anyone else!

Heart has given you will give life too,

stay happy always we will pray to lord!

one you and one your love
In these two words the world is mine

Romantic quotes for him

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Short romantic love quotes

When you raise your voice, the world listens

One who hears the silence, it is called lo

There is no other than alcohol in your love,

  Sometimes we get lost, sometimes we get lost.

  I am yours,  No doubt

someone else see you, No one has this right.....❤️

Laughter on lips, Moisture in eyes
Every breath says only your lack.

 hayat and murat quotes in hindi

What is that love in which there is an account..
Love is always infinite.!!❤️

You doha in Hindi,

I math question,

my solution is one

Your meaning is thousand....

 i will still be yours
when i'm not there

 I have a heart in my chest
You are the beat of that heart…

Hayat and Murat Love Quotes In english

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heart touching shayari in english

 No matter how much time changes...
My love will never change..!!..❤️

Staying in your memories is my habit,
Some call it love but we
Says you want me...❤️

don't know love
life is you..
I don't know
You are the heartbeat...❤️

Love is not what is shown to the world,
Love is that which is done from the heart...❤️

without your wish
my prayer is incomplete
you are my life
Without you my life is incomplete...❤️