36 Best Love Quotes | Hayat And Murat Love Quotes | deep love quotes

36 Best Love Quotes | Hayat And Murat Love Quotes | deep love quotes

Romantic Love Quotes 

“My eyes only allowed him to come to my heart,

he had the ability to get into my soul.”

The keeper of my life, why should I do it again?

I am worried about the time that I am always with you.

He used to ask us often.. what is life and what is death??

We used to say in our heart, if you have found you then life, if you lose you then death.

The amount of love I have for you, I want to get more than that, know what is that quality in you,

that every relationship wants to make with you.

Love is the condition in which someone else's

happiness is essential to yours.

Sit in front, the heart will come to an agreement,

the more you see, the more love you will get..

Hayat And Murat Love Quotes

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deep love quotes

Who was fond of love here?

You kept coming closer and love happened.

When you see these eyes

Whatever the day, it becomes my festival.

What is the coincidence of eyesight and luck, friends,

Nazar likes only those who are not in luck !!

Your name has been written like this on your existence,

that even if someone of your name is found… even then the heart beats..

Well, you have touched my soul,

Still kissing the forehead gives relief..!

I never put my heart on seeing the face,

Yes smile but we have lost your life many times..!

we love only you

Otherwise there are many who like us too.

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short love quotes in english 

Somebody asked why do you remember those who don't remember you

Heartbroken, those who maintain a relationship do not compete.

"It is like a fog all around me,

no one else can see, nor want to see."

“The heart wants to meet you everyday, the heart wants to hear something,

it was your style of persuasion, that the heart wants to get angry again.”

"How much closer should I bring you than this,

that even keeping you in my heart does not fill my heart."

What's the use of crying?

who can't understand love,

What would that pain mean?

"Whatever I have not got till now by losing my life,

I have got all that one by finding you."

You don't need to worry

can't do it anywhere

You are mentioning that..

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 Ask Laftan Anlamaz

Do not make restless heart restless,

If you want to love then do it

Do not favor

Your smile means nothing to me,

No one expects more than your wish…!

Love is not what is shown to the world,

Love is that which is done from the heart…!!


If you are ever angry, we will bow down

If we are angry sometimes you hug

Of course you have a right to be angry with me

But in resentment, do not forget that we love you very much.

You are the first dream of my life,

Whatever people tell you,

But you are a beautiful little rose to me.

I don't know why even after seeing you.

I just want to see you!!!!

make someone your choice, no big deal..

but someone's choice, It's a big deal to be..!

I didn't regret it, times have changed,

my life is only you, Somewhere you don't change.

hayat and murat shayari  

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hayat and murat quotes

never wanted anything, before wanting you,

You have met, wishes have come true….

Listen, there is only one wish, that I want you more than myself,

Whether I stay or not, my loyalty will always be remembered.

only you are mine Have a heart..!

not like you And not except you!.

We also have Tamanna-e-Ishq,

We also beat in someone's heart,

I don't know when we will get them

For which we suffer everyday..!

Wanted some moments and his company,

He wanted rain in his eyes,

I wanted a lot of people, but

Wanted to express it once in his tongue.

some strange relationship

between him and me

no reason to hate

No love story.

no life without you Teach me, no.

Even life without you but,

Life… no!.

You are the only one in my heart,

what should I do for the medicine of the heart..

Heart is also you, life is also you,

What should I do about you?